Adopt me from the <a target="_blank" href="http://rchsvt.org/">Rutland County Humane Society</a>.<br />
Gender: Neutered Male

1.5 Years Old

Breed:  Australian Shepherd

Personality: Active & Fun

Compatibility: Kids 8+ & Other Dogs

1.5 year old. Neutered Male. Australian Shepherd. 50 lbs.
I’m a sweet silly guy and I’m always wiggling my butt! You see, I’m so happy to see people that I wag and I wiggle until you come over and pet me. I just can’t contain myself! I don’t play with toys very much but maybe once I settle into my new home I will. I love being outdoors and I have lots of energy so I’m looking for an active family that will give the exercise and play time I need to keep me happy and out of trouble. I was surrendered by my adoptive family on June 25 because I’m too big and too active. Prior to that I was surrendered by my owner because I was too active and too much dog for her. As you can tell, I’m a lot of dog! If you don’t know anything about Australian Shepherds please do some research so you‘ll understand what to expect from me. I’ve lived with other dogs and I did well with them but I would do best with a dog that is similar in age, size and activity level for me because I was too much for the dog in my previous home. If you have a dog at home it will be important that we meet to make sure we get along. A fenced in yard would be best for me because I tend to take off and visit my neighbors. I may do best with older children because I’m a little shy when I first meet new people and small kids might be too much for me. I have no known history with cats but I think I’d be ok with them. I’m a little timid so I hope my new family will socialize me and take me lots of places so I can experience lots of new people and things. I don’t know a lot of commands but I’m smart so I know I’ll learn quickly if you want to teach me. I’m a handsome fella with a gorgeous coat that will require grooming and care. If you’re looking for a very active fella to join you for hikes and walks and think I’d make a great addition to your family please stop by and say hi!

Take me home from the Rutland County Humane Society.
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