Last 8 O'clock Sunset....

Last 8 O'clock Sunset....

We've witnessed our last 8 p.m. sunset until May 2014! Oh no!
Well it's all downhill from here!

Using Montpelier, Vermont as a central location for the solar calendar, we're officially into the seven o'clock hour for sunset times. That's right, we have witnessed our last eight o'clock sunset of the year. It's all over...

Not exactly though! The shorter daylight hours bring in the beautiful season of Autumn to New England and Quebec and eventually a critical Winter season for the local economy. As we head in this direction though we are losing daylight fast!

Here is a look at the amount of daylight we are losing each month according to the solar calendar from Montpelier. August features one of the highest amounts of lost daylight. Eighty minutes of daylight are lost from the first to the last day, followed by an annual maximum of ninety-two minutes in September.

Right now as the tilted Earth rotates around the sun, our Northern Hemisphere points toward the sun and a higher angle of radiation allows for our warmer season. We're now trending toward the Autumnal Equinox which will take place on September 22, 2014. That means we'll have equal amounts of daylight to darkness. We're rounding second base and just about a month away from the equinox!

When will we see an eight o'clock sunset again? That won't happen until May 7, 2014! So soak up that roughly 14 hours of daylight we have right now, because pretty soon it will reach its minimum of about 9 hours at the start of Winter.

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier
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