Manure Ban Lifted, Still No Spread

Manure Ban Lifted, Still No Spread

After this winter's harsh conditions, and late stay, farmers say they will not be spreading manure anytime soon.
CHARLOTTE, Vt.- Despite Tuesday's lift on the winter manure spreading ban, some farmers say spreading will still have to wait.  

They say snow still needs to melt on farm fields in order to till the land and lay down manure properly for crops.

Despite the wait, Mike LaClair of Nordic Farms says he is not worried about this year's crops.

"Spring will come eventually," says LaClair.  "It always does.

Though warmer weather is needed, climbing temperatures also create mud and the potential for run-off.

"We don't want any run-off," says LaClair.  "We want all the nutrients in the manure we can get."

The agency on agriculture says run-off could also contaminate water.  It is asking farmers to hold off on manure spreading until spring is finally here.

"The first of April last year, we were able to start tilling the land," says LaClair.  "That will put us behind maybe a couple of weeks this year."

LaClair says corn and alfalfa rely heavily on manure nutrients, but he expects growth will not be hindered.

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