Mayor Decided, Lessons Learned in Plattsburgh

Mayor Decided, Lessons Learned in Plattsburgh

Both Opponents conceded to Jim Calnon but he says there was a lot learned in the race for Mayor.

Plattsburgh has a new Mayor-Elect for the first time in nearly a decade. City Councilor Jim Calnon has more than 400 votes more than his closest opponent and both have conceded.

This election gained a lot of interest from voters noted SUNY Plattsburgh political science professor Dr. Harvey Schantz.

“I think Plattsburgh is at some sort of different level than I’ve observed in my many years,” Schantz said.

Schantz has been following local elections since the 1980’s. He says there was good reason for the people of Plattsburgh to vote for a new Mayor.

“Since World War II this is only the fifth time an incumbent mayor has not run for re-election,” Schantz said.

“I haven't really sat down and said you know let me internalize this and see where we're going but that will happen over the next couple of days,” Calnon said.

Although Calnon is now focusing on his upcoming time as Mayor he says both his opponents, Chris Rosenquest and Mark Tiffer, helped spur conversation about developing the city.

“The folks who supported both Mark and Chris you know really energized people who have some very strong feelings about where this city ought to go,” Calnon said.

“People are trying to look at what they call the vision for Plattsburgh from vision to action and that group seemed to play a large role,” Schantz said.

While Calnon embraces that growth he also says it needs to be done realistically.

“Now it's time where we really have a chance to make a better investment in our future. You know repay the taxpayers for the pain and suffering they've had the past several years and move to a new level,” Calnon said.

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