Milton Grows with Donations and Developments

Milton Grows with Donations and Developments

A grant to the Milton Family Community Center won't jump start the only changes in town.

Milton, V.T. – A grant to the Milton Family Community Center will start construction on a new roof that’s long been needed.

Hannaford Supermarkets donated $25,000 to the Community Center Tuesday.


“This is going to make a huge difference,” Milton Family Community Center director Vikki Patterson said.


“We’re very appreciative.”


Patterson says the roof has let in leaks after rain storms for about five years. Staff members had to catch drops in bowls to stop water from accumulating. Some quick repairs helped fix part of the problem but not all of it.


“When the roof is leaking it’s leaking in on our supplies too and that's a concern,” Patterson said.


The grant from Hannaford will help start construction on a new roof to keep the five hundred families who come here for childcare, food and adult classes dry.


“We certainly have many families who need our service and our need continues to grow every year,” Patterson said.


In the growing community of Milton there are a lot of changes in store. The biggest one: A new grocery store.


Hannaford Supermarket is opening a new store Saturday, September 28. In front of that is a new public park with two stone statues that is meant to serve as a gathering place.


Milton planning director Katherine Sonnick says it's the kind of downtown development they had hoped for.


“We're starting to see this a little bit more really,” Sonnick said.


“More of the development of the downtown area.”


Sonnick says what's key to making sure the new developments get their full use is that it's easy to walk to them.


To make the town more pedestrian friendly the city has installed new fences, new sidewalks and even a new cross walk.


Sonnick says the town also received a grant to construct new sidewalks to make traveling to the local schools easier.


She also says more improvements could been seen eventually along Route 7 and that developers are interested in building commercial and office spaces as well as more affordable housing.


“There's a lot of things in the hopper right now which is great,” Sonnick said.


“I think there are good things to come.”

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