Adopt me from the <a target="_blank" href="http://rchsvt.org/">Rutland County Humane Society</a>.<br />
Gender: Neutered Male

2 Years Old

Breed: Pit Bull

Personality: Active & Energetic

Compatibility: Kids 10+ & Other Dogs

I’m a very talented fella and I already know Sit, Down and Shake (with both paws!).  I’m super smart!  I don’t know how to retrieve but I do think it’s fun to chase after squeaky toys but I’ll need you to go get them for me!  I do like tennis balls and can catch them in mid air (I can catch treats in mid air, too!).  I enjoy being with people and will curl up in the nearest chair to be next to you.  I’m adorable, too, and it looks like I have tear drops under my eyes.  I arrived at RCHS on October 29 as a stray from West Rutland.  When I arrived I had bad fleas and my skin was pink because of them but the staff at RCHS treated me and I’m feeling and looking better every day.  I’m a lot of dog and I’m very strong and I pull when I walk on a leash so my new family will need to know how strong I am work with me on that.  I’m an active guy and I’ll need lots of exercise and playtime to keep me happy.  I have a very high chase drive and need to go to a home without small animals, cats or small dogs.  If you have a bigger dog at home it will be important that we meet to make sure we get along.  I can be mouthy when I take treats and other times so if you have children at home please take that into consideration if you’re thinking of adopting me.  I’m a fun guy to have around and I look forward to meeting my new family and starting the next chapter of my life.

Take me home from the Rutland County Humane Society.
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