Adopt me from the <a target="_blank" href="http://rchsvt.org/">Rutland County Humane Society</a>.<br />
Gender: Neutered Male

8 Months Old

Breed: Hound mix

Personality: Active & Energetic

Compatibility: Kids & Other Dogs

Oh as soon as you meet me you’re going to smile and giggle!  And probably fall in love!  I’m a super friendly pup who loves being with people and I really love to give kisses.  I’m a wiggly guy and I’m always wagging my tail.  I don’t play with toys very much but I do enjoy chewing on hooves and other dog appropriate toys.  I have a very soft coat and I love hanging out with my favorite people for lots of love and attention.  I arrived at RCHS on September 25 as a stray from Stockbridge.  One thing you’ll notice about me right away is that my two front legs are abnormal.  RCHS had me checked by a vet who said it’s a birth defect but I don’t need any surgery and will be just fine.  You might think that because of my front legs that I don’t get around very well but I will surprise you when we meet and you’ll see I get around just fine.  I don’t use one leg at all and the other one allows me to run and play and be as silly and active as any puppy my age would be.  The staff here thinks I’m pretty much housetrained but my new family will need to keep working with me on it.  I heard the staff say that I’m a terrific guy and I think they’re right!  I’m fun to be around and will make a great companion for years to come so please stop by for a visit!

Take me home from the Rutland County Humane Society.
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