More flooding for Elizabethtown, NY

More flooding for Elizabethtown, NY

Essex County, NY was hit twice in the same number of days, with heavy rains and flooding rivers.

Essex County, NY was hit twice in the same number of days, with heavy rains and
flooding rivers.

"It's unbelievable,” said Margaret Bartley, Elizabethtown Town Supervisor.

Bartley says in the 20 years she's lived in Elizabethtown she's never seen anything like it.

“I've never seen two or three storms in less than 2 years, severe storms,” said Bartley.

For Elizabethtown - the storms began Thursday night when rain destroyed Hurricane Mountain Lane.
Trapping three families in their homes at the top of the road.

"The upper half- 2 miles - was severely eroded, damaged, gullied, to the point that it was impassable,” said Bartley.

That night -Bartley declared a state of emergency.

“It’s still in effect because the families that were stranded there Thursday night are still up there today (Monday),” said Bartley.

The road remains closed but crews have been working around the clock to repair the damage.

Then came more rain on Friday and into the weekend. Closing more roads - and doing more damage.

“We also have the Footbridge Park and Nature Trail right here in the village. That was severely damaged it was one of the gems of our community,” said Bartley.

Bartley says if the entire footbridge needs to be replaced, it could cost upwards of $150 thousand dollars. “And the highway damage, my highway superintendent said-
looks like about 100 thousand dollars in road damage. So we are looking at a quarter of a million dollars,” said Bartley.

As the dollars add up Bartley says restoring the town to its original condition- could take years.

“We're still doing repairs from hurricane Irene. We have not finished the repairs in one road from hurricane Irene,” said Bartley.

Bartley says the three families that are stuck on Hurricane Mountain Lane are okay.

Crews on four -wheelers were able to bring groceries to the family this weekend.

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