National Climate Assessment

More on the third climate report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program
The third National Climate Assessment was released Tuesday, highlighting changes in our nation's weather. Using various independent and government weather observation data, all data concludes that our nation and our Earth is warming. This study suggests these changes are anthropogenic, or driven by human activity.

The reports analyzed climate change impacts on 7 catergories... human health, water, energy, transportation, agriculture, forests, and ecosystems. Also, the report breaks down changes and potential future impacts broken down by regions.

You may have seen meteorologist Michael Page's report that aired on Fox44 News at 10 Wednesday, highlighting the report. You can view that by clicking here. Vermont was given a special call out in the most recent report about the impacts and response to Tropical Storm Irene. Just like any single event, we cannot support nor deny climate change on one instance, but the report says there are lessons to be learned by Irene, and responding to future events like these. The reports concludes that here in the northeast, more heavy precipitation events are likely to occur.

Download the entire report here
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