New Bus Service Opens Albany Airport to Vermonters

A bus route from Burlington to Albany is opening up more destinations to Vermonters.

BURLINGTON, Vt. - Krista Gardner always plans her trips out of Burlington International Airport.

“Burlington is a great airport,” Gardner said.

She only has one complaint, a lack of destinations.

“I can never get directly where I want to go from here,” Gardner said.

Burlington flies to ten cities. Just about three hours south Albany International Airport goes to sixteen. But Gardner says it's not worth the trip.

“It's a little too far to drive and to figure out parking and just that extra trip,” Gardner said.

But now a new bus service from Burlington to Albany could open up that airport to Vermonters as it stops in a total of ten towns.

“It's not so much an opportunity for the airport as it is for the residents of Vermont,” Albany International Airport Director of Public Affairs Doug Myers said.

“We anticipate we'll see a great number of students coming from Vermont.”

Myers says the bus will bring in new Vermont passengers. Director of Aviation at BTV Gene Richards says the bus will help Vermonters reach both airports since it runs both ways.

“It's a teeter totter but a wonderful thing. Wherever you decide you want to go, wherever you're closer to, however you value your time this is a perfect thing for that,” Richards said.

Burlington has seen a declining number of passengers over the last five years and will have about 625,000 departing passengers this year. Albany has about 1.25 million. Neither expects the bus to change those numbers too much.

“It's not going to fill an airplane and it's not going to fill additional flights because of it,” Myers said.

To see when the buses run and how much a ticket costs visit this link.

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