Two Missing Amish Girls Found Alive

Two Missing Amish Girls Found Alive

Two Amish girls missing from the North Country since Wednesday evening were found alive. The DA says they were dropped off at a house by a stranger
TOWN OF OSWEGATCHIE, Ny- Two Amish girls who have been missing since Wednesday evening in St. Lawrence County have been found safe and alive.

Fannie Miller, 12, and Delila Miller, 6, are home with their family.

According to St. Lawrence County District Attorney, Mary Rain, the girls were dropped off in the town of Richville.

Rain says the girls were still wearing their Amish attire. After the girls were dropped off, they walked to the closest house. The man recognized them from media reports.

Rain says authorities are still looking for the people who dropped off the girls.

The two girls were last seen in the St. Lawrence County Town of Oswegatchie at their farmstand along State Hwy. 812/Mount Alone Road around 7:20 p.m. Wednesday.

State Police say the girls walked up to a car to help a customer.

A witness saw a passenger in the car throw something in the back, then get in the back seat. When the car left,the girls were gone.

The car was described by a witness as a four door, white sedan.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the search.

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