NY Senate Passes Bill Expanding Child Abuse Laws in the State

The New York Senate passed a bill expanding child abuse laws in the state.
ALBANY, N.Y. - The New York Senate passed a bill expanding child abuse laws in the state. 

A press release says the legislation would create a new crime of aggravated murder when someone recklessly cause physical injury to a child under the age of 14. Those convicted would face life in prison without parole. 

"This legislation will help to protect our children from anyone who is put in a position of trust to care for them and instead commits the ultimate violation by abusing them in some way," said Senator Mark Grisanti (R-I North Buffalo). "This bill would increase the severity of punishment for anyone who would cause harm to a child."

The current law only applies to day car providers, but the Protect Our Children Act, expands it to apply to parents, guardians, or a person in a position of trust. 

A press release outlines other provisions of the legislation, which includes: creates a new felony for concealing the death of a child, creates a new felony for failing to notify law enforcement when the whereabouts of a young child is unknown for more than 24 hours, creates a  new felony offenses for obstructing the location of a missing child, creates a statute to protect children from serious reckless abuse, and increases penalties for repeat child abusers.

The bill now heads to the New York Assembly. 
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