Object Streaks Through Night Sky

Object Streaks Through Night Sky

Many residents reported seeing a bright object streak through the night sky Sunday.
COLCHESTER, Vt. - A bright object streaking through the sky caught the attention of many Sunday night.

The object was spotted just before 9 P.M., and appeared to be moving west. Most reported it to be blue or green in color.

Our own Meteorologist Michael Page reported seeing a similar object from our Colchester, Vt. studio.

Page says the object may have been a meteoroid. He described that as an object falling to earth from space.

The American Meteor Society tracks sightings like this. According to its website, the object was seen as far south as Albany, N.Y., and as far north as Montreal. In Vermont sightings were reported in Tunbridge, Dorset, St. Johnsbury, Pittsford, Manchester, and Montgomery. A report was also made from Sugar Hill, N.H.

Experts will review each report to determine exactly what the object was.

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