Phone Scams Target Montpelier Businesses

Phone Scams Target Montpelier Businesses

Montpelier businesses have been flooded with calls asking to purchase credit cards.
MONTPELIER, V.T. - The only sound Cindra Conision couldn't stand to hear in The Quirky Pet Store was the phone.


“A lot of times i wouldn't pick up the phone,” Conision said.


But that didn't slow down potential scammers.


“They would be persistent and continue to call,” Conision said.


She didn't know who.


“I was never getting the name of the company so I could never type in if it was a scam or not,” Conision said.


Or even why.


“When I asked them what they wanted they would hang up,” Conision said.


Conison learned they were trying to sell her credit cards or credit card machines. Saying no didn't stop them from calling.


“I was getting them at least once a day,” Conision said.


Other businesses on state and main streets say they've experienced the calls too. No one told us they've given out any information.


“They're probably looking for someone to exploit,” Conision said.


Conison said the calls have slowed down over the past month but there's essentially nothing she or other businesses can do to bring it to a halt if it starts again.


“I did feel powerless. I felt like can I call the phone company and ask them how do I block calls or what do I do,” Conision said.


To learn more about scams that have plagued the area visit our the Consumer Assistance Program website.

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