Police Make Arrests in Montpelier Break-ins

Police Make Arrests in Montpelier Break-ins

Police plan on making more arrests in burglaries across central Vermont.

Montpelier, V.T. – Police made two arrests in recent burglary cases that could lead to a big break in their investigations of multiple burglaries across Central Vermont.


Police say two homes in Montpelier were broken into and burglarized Saturday night, one on College Street and the other on Liberty Street. Stephanie Dilena and Peter Diego live across the street from one of the homes broken into.


“We've done a complete 180 where we're now locking everything including the bolts and it's pretty unnerving to go from one extreme to the other,” Dilena said.


The safe city of Montpelier has seen a similar shift. This summer the number of home break-ins tripled to 24. Police say the recent arrests are only tied to this weekend's crimes.


“We had a lot happening all at once umm with some really good leads,” Montpelier Police Chief Tony Facos said.


Thanks to public leads, K9 tracking and help from multiple agencies, police executed three search warrants. They arrested 29 year-old Donald Lowe of Montpelier and 20 year-old Jonathan Welch of Barre Town. Both face multiple charges including burglary.


Police also found most of the property stolen from Liberty Street and College Street at one the residences as well property taken from other burglaries across Central Vermont.


Police say the suspects aren't just linked to burglaries here on Liberty and College streets but others in the Central Vermont area as well but they have not said which ones yet.


“We have a lot of very active investigations. We’ve involved more agencies,” Facos said.


Facos also says there will be more arrests. He encourages the public to stay focused on protecting their property and keeping an eye out for unusual behavior.


Peter Diego says that won’t be a problem in the capital community.


“Everybody is talking about it and making sure that everyone else is safe,” Diego said.

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