Prepping for snow...again.

Prepping for snow...again.

Green Mountain Power and VTrans explain their "getting ready" process for lots of snow.
COLCHESTER, Vt.- Severe snow storms are nothing the Champlain Valley region is unfamiliar with.  Still, VTrans and Green Mountain Power explain what they do to prepare for the worst.

"We're changing blades, making sure all the equipment is ready to go, making sure everything's all loaded and ready for the storm," says David Blackmore of VTrans.

For this most recent storm, VTrans says keeping up with plowing could be challenging. Regardless, it is the type of storm that has both companies more concerned.

"It's a very wet heavy snow," says Dorothy Schnure of Green Mountain Power. "It breaks a lot of tree limbs down, they fall into the lines, bringing down poles and wires and causing outages."

Both companies say crews will be out in force mid morning Wednesday when the snow is expected to begin falling.

"We'll probably have just in my districts alone which are five and eight, we'll have about 65 trucks," says Blackmore.

"All together we'll have about 140 line workers out working," says Schnure.

Green Mountain Power also urges those who see a downed power line to report it.
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