Rainy Weather Affects Businesses

Rainy Weather Affects Businesses

For most of us the rain is just annoying but for business owners it's really washing away customers.

For most of us the rain is just annoying but for business owners it's really washing away customers.

This is supposed to be the time the summer season really kicks offs. Instead some business owners say it's one of their worst seasons in decades.

At the Auer Family Boat House in Burlington Wednesday, owner Charlie Auer says they're still recovering from flooding in 2011. This year he says few people want to boat because of the rainy weather.

"You don't dwell on the bad stuff. If you did, it would really bother you," says Auer.

On Church Street, recent storms have had street vendors scrambling.

"It's definitely been rough for sales," says Mariko Totten, worker at Wear It Well Jewelry cart.

But inside, the Outdoor Gear Exchange's Nick Irvine says their colorful selection of rain coats and umbrellas are big sellers.

"In Burlington, we get a lot of tourists coming through so a lot of people either realize they forgot their rain jacket at home or want to pick out a new color or something that's fresh off the sales floor," says Irvine.

An afternoon break in the rain and a glimpse of the sun were good news for Totten. She and many others are hoping for more sunny days.

"Fingers crossed for that," says Totten.

Many businesses are hoping things turn around soon especially for the 4th of July. But the Skytracker team says we might be stuck in this pattern until the 4th or even longer.

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