Road Rage-Murder Suspect in Court

Road Rage-Murder Suspect in Court

Matthew Webster is charged with second degree murder of Anna Alger.

Matthew Webster appeared in Franklin County Criminal Court Thursday to hear the counts against him. He is charged with second degree murder after a case of road rage lead to the fatal shooting of 31 year-old Anna Alger.


Prosecutor John Lavoie says the evidence speaks for itself.


“This was an act of extreme violence. It was a random act,” Lavoie said.


Court documents show in an interview with police after his arrest, Webster told them he was having intense arguments with his wife Wednesday evening. Later the two were driving home in separate cars up North Main Street.


Webster later told police that while driving he decided to kill himself with the 9 mm handgun he was carrying but the gun didn't go off.


Documents indicate he pulled his car over after he accidentally ran a red light, and nearly collided with another car. Alger was driving that car.


She pulled over to confront Webster and police say that's when he shot her six times.  Alger later died at the hospital.


“The defendant and Ms. Alger had no relationship what so ever,” Lavoie said.


 As Lavoie detailed the fatal shooting of Alger in court, her family could hardly hold their emotions.


“One of the officers on scene who observed Ms. Alger's body noted six bullet wounds,” Lavoie said as family members began to cry.


“Which is consistent with the defendant's own statement.”


 Despite Webster's confession to police, he pleaded not guilty to the second degree murder charge.


If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.


Webster is being held without bail.

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