Saratoga Race Course Celebrates 150 Years

Saratoga Race Course Celebrates 150 Years

Saratoga Race Course continues to showcase America's finest thoroughbred horses

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. -  When Sam the Bugler plays "The Call to the Post"...A great race is only minutes away at saratoga race course.

 It's the *first* race on opening day 2013 and the horses are getting prepped.

In the saddle up area..the paddock.. photographer Bob Conley appears to get a wink from number 12 "Hardest Core", a bit of a longshot.  We'll get back to him.

For 150 years since 1863 when America was fighting the great Civil War the greatest horses and jockeys have been doing battle  at Saratoga a place you can come not even gamble and still have a good time.

  People watching is always fun...

Here high society in their summer finery has always mixed with the folks who pay just $5 dollars admission  for a whole day along the rail.

And they're off!   Looking for Bob's 12 horse, away slowly. Uh oh he's last!.... But it's a long race  and Saratoga has a long history...

On display at the national museum of racing across the street...Gorgeous pictures and trophies celebrating equine athletes.

Back to the race....coming down to the finish....look who's screaming up on the outside...#12 hardest core.!..He's up to win it!!

Want to  celebrate? Local merchants  on track offer a hand rolled cigar,pulled pork, root beer or sarsparilla, ..and a seemingly odd crowd favorite: macaroni and cheese.

 And as as the band  plays  nearby, Sophia Gallo serves Italian ices...She's the fourth generation at Saratoga.

Ooh that looks real good!

 So do projects for kids like  designing  their very own Saratoga  tee shirts

So here. you dont' have be  hard core .But if you're name is "Hardest Core" you get your picture taken and a sponge bath in the winners circle. 

He paid more than 11 dollars for a 2 dollar ticket.

 All in a day's *ride* for a jockey..

All in in day's *drive* for you!

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