School closing process during snow storms

School closing process during snow storms

Many schools don't decide until the morning of the storm.
COLCHESTER, Vt.- Colchester School District Superintendent Larry Waters says his district usually decides whether to cancel school the morning of.

"We make that decisions at 6 o'clock in the morning of that day," says Waters, "however the last couple times, we've been able to make that prediction in the evening based upon the area forecast we recieve."

Waters says he goes through a checklist before his decision:
-reports from bus contractors about whether buses are able to transport students
-the amount of snow and ice accumulation
-road condition reports from Colchester's Public Works Department

Other superintendents say it is a collaborative effort deciding on school cancellations.  Colchester does not put any snow days in the calendar.

It and other school districts may have to tack a day or two on the end of the school year when snow days are used.

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