Shooting Restriction Zones in Colchester

Shooting Restriction Zones in Colchester

Colchester citizens have called in concerned about nearby shooting.

Phil Lacroix is all about safety at his Muzzleloader Shop in Colchester.

“Take a look and see where it's safe to shoot and where you can hunt and where you cannot hunt,” Lacroix said.

Lacroix's backyard range is in an unrestricted zone meaning it's OK for him to shoot his gun, using any type of ammunition. 

But that's not the case everywhere in Colchester. Police have a map (Find map here) indicating in orange where slugs can't be used. But buck shot and bird shot are still allowed.

These boundaries are carefully drawn along roads. The south side of 2A is restricted but the north side where the school sits isn't.

“Our school is right here so we're a little bit outside the zone,” Union Memorial Elementary Principal Chris Antonicci said.

Antonicci says despite being in an unrestricted zone nearby gun use hasn't been an issue.

“I've never a problem with weapons such as that or anyone firing weapons in the 11 years I've been here,” Antonicci said.

The school has a strict no firearm policy on-campus but just over the boundary Antonicci is trusting gun owners to be responsible.

“I think there's a good deal of common sense that comes into play here even people who are pro guns and either use them to hunt or recreationally have enough common sense to not shoot them around young children and within schools,” Antonicci said.

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