Something That Hasn't Happened Much in 2.5 Years

Something That Hasn't Happened Much in 2.5 Years

September 2013 has been cool, but the bigger story is what preceded.
From Meteorologist Steve Glazier,

Well look at this, a cooler than average month! The Burlington area is well on its way to its first cooler than average month in nearly a year, and only second cooler than average month since April 2011!

Here's where we stand so far.

Leading up to Thursday, September 26 the average temperature at the Burlington International Airport for the month was 60.6°. That number is the mean low and high temperatures observed in South Burlington. The 60.6° is -1.0° compared to average.

We've created a nifty little graphic that shows the above and below average days in terms of temperatures. The blue boxes (cool) outweigh the warm (red) by a score of 15 to 10 through the first 25 days.

But even though the month isn't over, will this hold??  Looking at my forecast sheet I do expect a warm up in store for the area, including Burlington. The average temperature from September 26-30 drops from 56 degrees to 54 degrees. Plugging in my projections I have the Burlington area still ending September 2013 -0.2° to average. While it appears we'll be close to at or above average numbers, the chilly upcoming overnights will keep this month cooler than average.

Colder air plunging from Canada several times this month has brought in that cooler than average weather. Several cold fronts originating from the north allowed for temporary warm-ups ahead of the boundaries, but then longer-lasting cooler air behind. How about the future? Well it is appearing warmer. The Climate Prediction Center has our area in a 40-50% chance of warmer than average weather for the next 6-14 days and through the next 30 days, compared to the balanced chance of 33% of warmer temps.
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