South Hero Students Send Help to Typhoon Victims

Kids at the Folsom Educational Center came to the help of another island in need.
SOUTH HERO, Vt. - Third and Fourth graders at the Folsom Educational Center gave a big helping hand to students in the Philippines after the country was hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Two classes held a bake sale and raised $307 to give to students in the city of Tacloban. They also bought power tools for them.

Alburgh resident Erin Mitchell heard about the kids' plan and agreed to take the money and power tools on her trip to the Philippines.

On Thursday she gave a presentation at Folsom about her trip.

The two groups of school students have also become pen pals. The students in the Philippines told them they want to buy a digital camera with some of the money to be able to send videos back and forth to each other.

The principal at the Tacloban school has given all the Folsom students an open invitation to visit them whenever they want.
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