Steve Glazier Takes on the Turtlezilla Challenge

Steve Glazier Takes on the Turtlezilla Challenge

FOX44 and ABC22 meteorologist Steve Glazier takes on the Turtlezilla eating challenge!
PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - It's now time for the next segment in our epic eats series! As a reminder this is a new weekly series where FOX44 and ABC22 Steve Glazier takes his eating challenge success to a whole new level.

That's right I have done plenty of eating challenges with regards to speed, but now I'm attempting the huge portions.

Last week we showed you the breakfast challenge in Pittsfield, Vt. With a 0-1 record I take on the lunch challenge.

This part of the eating challenge comes to the Naked Turtle in Plattsburgh where we've got the Turtlezilla!

The Turtlezillia is single-handedly the biggest and baddest menu item at the Naked Turtle. Many have succeeded in eating this beast, but many more have failed, and I'm here to take on this monster.

I'm with John Parmelee, the manager of the Naked Turtle. Let's start with the restaurant. Beautiful, nice setup. How long have you been here?

"We've been open for 18 years. This is our 18th season. We're open from May until Labor Day every year," Parmelee said.

Right on dock street on Lake Champlain, the Naked Turtle draws in the crowds. "We like to say rain or shine you'll have a great time at the Naked Turtle," Parmelee said.

It also reeled me in for this...

"Some folks know us for having the largest burger in the world!"

The Turtlezilla is a 12 year staple of the restaurant. It weighs in at two pounds of 80/20 Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, and fries. Finish this more than 3 pound meal in 1 hour and you get the meal for free, and of course a t-shirt!

Jeremy Sovie is cooking my burger and the best part about him and he's brutally honest.

"Most people fail," Sovie said.

If two pounds of beef isn't too much for you, how about being wedged between a one pound bun!?

"Covered by this massive one pound bun which he will not finish," Sovie said.

Kim Emery of Plattsburgh joins me for lunch, but has the regular sized burger. I dive right in, getting all bun the first bite then taking on the Turtlezilla in sections.

"So far I like the approach. Kim has eaten a half of a fry, enjoying her lunch, while I'm trying to stuff it down," Glazier said.

The first section goes down easily. "As John and Jeremy mentioned, the one pound bun is up to an inch, inch-and-a-half in spots," Glazier said.
The bread soon becomes the turtlezilla's greatest strength.

"That's a lot of bread. We have those buns made specially from a local bakery," Parmelee said.

Fifteen minutes in i feel the wall approaching, and within hot and humid air i get the sweats. After about 20 minutes, I finish half the burger.

"I'm not quitting yet, but I'm wiggling down the food a little bit," Glazier said.

But soon after, i succumb to the turtle. "I'm throwing in the white flag. I'm sorry to disappoint you my fans, but I still have quite a bit left," Glazier said.

After 37 minutes I finish about two-thirds of the turtlezilla and a handful of fries, losing this challenge.

"Jeremy you cooked a burger I couldn't finish," Glazier said.

I received a t-shirt from Turtlezilla I know it says I finished it, but don't worry i haven't put it on yet because I need to take a marker and write in that i did not finish this challenge.

It was a lot of food, but a good number of people have actually completed this one.

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