Storm Slows Drivers, Forces School Closures

Storm Slows Drivers, Forces School Closures

The heavy snowfall made it a tough day for almost everyone.
COLCHESTER, Vt. - The heavy snowfall made it a tough day for almost everyone.

A lot of snow meant a lot of work for plow truck drivers in South Burlington Wednesday.

"Been plowing for the last couple hours but we're just starting. Got a long ways to go," says Jamie Dennis with Dennis & Sons.

Dennis says they have dozens of lots to clear though he says a big snowfall is something unusual this season.

"Not as much snow. A lot of salt. A lot of rain and ice," says Dennis.

For drivers, the storm meant parking bans and slow going on the roads. Police are asking people to stay off the roads, for now, because of the difficult driving conditions.

There were crashes and slideoffs including a Cabot truck on I-89 southbound in Colchester. Thankfully police say no one here was hurt.

For students in South Burlington and at many schools across the region, there was some good news out of this storm. That's because many places cancelled school Wednesday.

Speaking of cancelled, flights were going nowhere at Burlington International Airport by later in the day.

"So what's the new plan?" asked FOX44/ABC22's Matt Austin

"We're driving to Newark and we will fly out of Newark," says Tim Hunt, whose flight was cancelled.

Hunt wasn't okay waiting to head to Cancun.

"Does this make you want to get there even faster, seeing all the snow out here?" asked Austin.

"Yes, it does. Yes, it does," says Hunt.

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