"Stuff-A-Truck" to Help Barre, Vt. Salvation Army

"Stuff-A-Truck" to Help Barre, Vt. Salvation Army

Soon you can help people desperately in need of food in Central Vermont.
BARRE, Vt. - Soon you can help people desperately in need of food in Central Vermont.

Later this week, the 12th annual Frank-FM "Stuff-a-Truck" will benefit the Salvation Army in Barre. FOX44/ABC22 is also a proud sponsor.

Salvation Army Lieutenant Jason Brake filled an emergency food basket Tuesday.

"We want to gather how many people are in the family, how many items we need, so they can make three meals for the next two to three days to feed their family. That's the goal of the emergency food shelf," says Brake.

But the shelves here are almost empty. And at the same time, volunteer Nick White says more people are looking for help.

"Things are getting tighter, times are tougher," says White.

White says he talks to people, from seniors to families, looking for food. He hears stories about how even people in the middle class have fallen on hard times.

"Just that one little thing that had happened that month that everything threw the whole budget off. And now they're short and they just need that extra bit of help," says White.

Recent cuts to food benefits have also increased the need.

"I've heard just in the past week the phrase, 'I've never had to do this before,'" says Brake.

That's why Brake says the upcoming Stuff-a-Truck event is so important to the 200 people a month who rely on the food shelf. Canned food and non-perishable donations will refill the shelves and when they run out cash donations will cover the rest.

"I would say the Stuff-a-Truck account pretty much fills the food shelf all year long," says Brake.

Now of all the food items to donate, we're told the best bang for you buck is canned soup.

Stuff-a-Truck starts Thursday morning and lasts three days at 802 Toyota/Scion in Berlin.

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