Summer is Over!!

Summer is Over!!

Meteorological summer has ended and it was warm and wet!
Summer is over, at least according to the meteorologists.

Meteorological summer, separated into June, July, and August was warm and wet. That's according to data from several climate locations between New York and Vermont. Between seven cities the average summer temperature was +0.5 degrees and the rainfall to average was +4.24". Here's the breakdown:

    City                 June                        July                     August                  Total
Burlington        +0.6°/+6.17"           +3.2°/+0.33"            +0.6°/-0.84"           +1.8°/+5.66"
Montpelier       -0.7°/+4.55"            +2.4°/+1.26"            -1.2°/-1.68"           +0.2°/+4.13"
St. Johnsbury   -1.9°/+0.46"           +0.7°/+1.47"            -2.2°/-1.69"           -1.1°/+0.24"
Morrisville        +0.5°/+4.64"           +3.2°/+2.47"            +0.1°/-1.00"           +1.3°/+6.11"
Springfield       +0.5°/+2.51"           +3.8°/+0.67"            -0.9°/+0.49"           +1.1°/+4.67"
Saranac Lake   -1.2°/+5.43"           +2.3°/+1.25"             -0.4°/-0.99"           +0.2°/+5.69"
Massena         -0.9°/+4.10"           +1.5°/+0.02"              0.0°/+0.09"           +0.2°/+5.21"

Average         -0.4°/+3.98"            +2.4°/+1.06"             -0.5°/-0.80"           +0.5°/+4.24"

As you can see there are large differences between cities and climate locations.  Precipitation-wise in the summer, that's typical because we see the sporadic nature of rain hitting one area and not the other. However I think we can all agree that it was a soaker of a beginning of summer, as June began about four inches more than average on monthly rainfall. Select cities were warmer, but on the whole it was a cooler month. August was also cooler, but drier as only a couple towns registered wetter than average precip totals. Everyone was warm and wet in July, at least according to the above select cities and that bumped our meteorological summer up to a warmer than average season.

The National Weather Service in Burlington released a beautiful visual of this season's rainfall and you can find there here:

I may add that this season continued a streak of warmer than average weather for the Burlington area. At the airport the temperature has been 2.2 degrees warmer than average in the past 12 months. Only one month was at the average temperature (April 2013) and just one below average month (November 2012). The rest were warmer than average. When looking back to April 2011 when this warm stretch started, 27 out of the past 29 months have either had at or above average temperatures in the Burlington area. Now onto meteorological fall (Sep, Oct, Nov)!

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier
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