SUNY Plattsburgh's CrosSTEP Keeps Students Safe

SUNY Plattsburgh's CrosSTEP Keeps Students Safe

After alarming statistics, the school takes steps toward student and driver safety.
PLATTSBURGH, Ny.- SUNY Plattsburgh campus police and administration are enforcing stronger safety measures. 

Last year, police say they gave out more than 100 distracted driving tickets. Also in 2013, police had three reports of students being hit by a car.  A new initiative called CrosSTEP, implemented in January, puts safety first.

"University police are really looking at this from both sides of the coin, the pedestrian as well as the motorist," says Asst. Police Chief Jerry Lottie.

Through a 20-minute training program, students can take a pledge to stop, look, and wave before crossing the street.  These words have been painted on certain campus crosswalks.

"Some of them need that reminder, that they shouldn't just cross a street without looking," says Vice President of Student Affairs Bryan Hartman.

Drivers take a pledge to not use electronic devices when behind the wheel.

"We have not had any students hit in crosswalks this semester, which is very positive," says Hartman.

This educational component is paired with more officers at campus intersections and more safety signs.  Come summer 2014, the school could also put in raised crosswalks.  CrosSTEP is paid for by SUNY Plattsburgh.

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