Supreme Court Rules that Police Need Warrant For Cellphone Searches

A sweeping endorsement for privacy on Wednesday.
WASHINGTON - A sweeping endorsement for privacy on Wednesday. 

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that authoriteis must have a warrant to search personal mobile devices like cell phones. The vote was unanimous 9 to 0.

Justices ruled these devices do not fall into the same category as wallets, briefcases, and vehicles.

Vermont law enforcement was ahead of the ruling.

"The Vermont constitution has always given greater protection against searches," Winooski Police Chief Steve McQueen said. "We have been teaching and instructing officers if they want to search a cell phone or smart phone or  smartphone or any electronic device-even if it's incidental to an arrest- they should get a search warrant."

The case stems from two cases in which suspects were convicted based on information found during an initial search of mobile devices.

The ruling could set a new standard privacy cases in the future. 

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