Teens Spend the Week Giving Back to the Community

Hundreds of teens across New England are spending this week helping others in need.

WATERBURY CENTER, Vt.- Hundreds of teens across New England are spending this week helping others in need.

“We're in the process of building a deck,” said Kyle Coleman, a teen volunteer.

The volunteers are building the deck for a homeowner in Waterbury Center, free of charge.

“We just try to make things easier for people who need the help,” said Maxine Simko, a teen volunteer.

More than 60 teens and 30 adults from all over New England are completing projects like this across Vermont.

“Last year we helped a family clear out their garage so they could have space. It was just us helping them do the things they couldn't do for themselves,” said Simko.

It's all a part of the UM Army, or the United Methodist Action Reach Out by Youth week-long camp.

“It introduces the kids to people in need. One of the things we say is to take the spirit of the UM Army and take it back to their youth groups, take it back to tier communities and make it a way of life,” said Clay Beattie, UM Army Camp Director.

This homeowner here only had one way to get out of her home before these volunteers showed up.

“At the end of the week she will be able to get out of both ways of her house and have a wonderful deck that she can sit on,” said Beattie.

Beattie says volunteers pay to participate and then they use that money to purchase the supplies they'll need.

“We are actually building things, and some of us are using power tools; I’m 17 so I’m not allowed too,” said Simko.

And Beattie says the volunteers complete all their projects in one week.

“Rain or shine we'll be out here, barring lighting depending on the project,” said Beattie.

So despite the heat and humidity the volunteers are hard at work.

“It’s fun, it’s definitely fun,” said Coleman.

The volunteers are having fun while also building skills for the future.

Different groups are completing different projects around Vermont. Some of those other projects include building handicapped ramps, painting, and even yard work. All of the project will be completed before camp ends on Saturday.

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