UVM Hockey Freshman Stars in Brady, Brady Books

UVM Hockey Freshman Stars in Brady, Brady Books

The Brady, Brady children's book series, written by Mary Shaw and illustrated by Chuck Temple and is based in Mary's son and UVM Men's Hockey freshman Brady Shaw.
Burlington, VT -- If UVM freshman Brady Shaw seems familiar with the Brady, Brady book series that's because it's his story. The Brady, Brady children's book series is written by Brady's mom Mary Shaw. 

"I thought, well you know what, there's got to be a lot of little boys like him." says Mary. "I'm going to write a hockey book so that Brady and other boys like him may be interested in reading a book. I mean, Brady didn't want to read about fuzzy aardvarks and bunnies. He wanted to read about something he was passionate about."

Brady, Brady?

"When I was younger," Brady explains. "I was a pretty high-strung kid so the joke was she always had to call me twice to get my attention."

The series, written by Mary and illustrated by Chuck Temple and is a big hit in Canada, selling well over 500,00 copies. Just last December the series was featured in 
USA Hockey Magazine. Some current Catamounts knew Brady, Brady before Brady Shaw.

"Growing up in Canada, Hockey's a big deal," says fellow UVM freshman Michael Stenerson, a previous teammate of Brady with the Surrey Eagles in the BCHL. "In elementary school about grade 1 and kindergarten our teacher's would read that book to us."

"With my two boys we've been reading them for years going all the way back to their beginning days of hockey and reading." says UVM assistant coach Kevin Patrick.

The non-fiction forward version of Brady Shaw still carries the lessons learned by his fictional counterpart.

"He really is a great kid and he's always been one of those kids that, If he sees someone sitting off by themselves." Mary says. 
Brady's the kid that will go say hey come and play with us and truthfully when I do write the 
Brady, Brady books I put a lot of the stories from situations that Brady has been in."

"Each book has a great message." says Brady. 
"Whether it's respect your teammates or respect somebody else or respect your surroundings or try hard at whatever you're doing. So I think every message in the book can be translated into real life which I think my mom does a great job with."

For more information on the Brady, Brady book series visit: http://bradybrady.com/
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