Vermont Gears Up For Fall Foliage

Vermont Gears Up For Fall Foliage

A new fall foliage peepers guide will keep you in the know no matter where you are.

There might not be a better place to leaf peep than from a hot air balloon. Vermont Tourism and marketing communications director Jen Butson is taking anybody who wants to see the view from there, in the new “Seeing is BeLeafing” project.


“We're going to be exploring the state over 30 different locations for about two months where people can come and see what the leaves look like on video with us,” Butson said.


It’s a new way for the state to attract more visitors and keep ones planning on coming up to date.


“So we can relay that message to people who are planning their trip,” Butson said.


It's still early in the season but as green turns to bright red nearly 3.5 million people will come to Vermont looking to reintroduce the color to the state's economy.


“They spend on average upwards of $120 per individual,” Butson said.


Butson says last year's fall season fell somewhat flat with only a 3.8% increase in meals, rooms and alcohol sales over 2011.


“It was a little lower than usual in our hotels but that had a lot to do with precipitation,” Butson said referencing the consistent rain throughout September and October last year.


The state will keep a careful eye on weather patterns and the impact on foliage which you can now monitor  too, no matter what state you're in.


“We know with the prevalence of our sugar maple trees it's going to be another beautiful red season,” Butson said.

Watch full "Seeing is BeLeafing" videos here.

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