Vermont to Issue "REAL ID"

Vermont to Issue "REAL ID"

Changes are coming to driver's licenses in Vermont.
MONTPELIER, Vt. - Changes are coming to driver's licenses in Vermont.

Starting January 1st, Vermont will start issuing what's called "REAL ID" cards.

This all goes back to 2005 and the response to the terrorist attacks on the US. Congress passed the "REAL ID" Act which aims to standardize driver's licenses and what's required to get one. Now it's coming to Vermont.

Starting in January 2014 if you walk into a Vermont DMV, you might leave with a yellow star on your license.

"We and virtually every other state have been moving forward in becoming REAL ID compliant," says Robert Ide, Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ide says most Vermonters will likely choose one of two ID's. First, the regular driver's license which will now have a yellow star meaning it's "REAL ID" compliant or the enhanced driver's license which is also compliant.

Ide says people will still need to provide the same documents as before.

"They really need to do nothing to get there because because people with REAL ID or wish to get REAL ID already know that process or learn it easily," says Ide.

REAL ID has been controversial and many states have opted out. Many have complained about its overall cost, and the concern some of  your personal information will be stored.

The feds have even delayed the deadline.

But if you don't have a REAL ID, there could be a problem at airports.

"Had Vermont not proceeded with REAL ID compliant, there was that possibility that the federal government would limit access to commercial airlines," says Ide.

The Vermont DMV says all personal information will only be stored in the state and it will not be entered into a national database.

Now each state is handling the "REAL ID" differently.

In Vermont, we're told the new ID won't cost anymore than the old one.

To learn more about REAL ID from the Vermont DMV, CLICK HERE.

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