Platts. Mayor: Definitive Plans Expected For Lakeside Apt. Complex

After sitting abandoned for 3 years, an apartment complex many call an “eyesore” in Plattsburgh may be up for a makeover.

After sitting abandoned for 3 years, an apartment complex many call an “eyesore” in Plattsburgh may be up for a makeover.

“It's terrible, just terrible,” said June Scardaccione.

Scardaccione has lived across the street from the Lakeside apartment complex for 20 years.

“It's a dump,” she said. She's sick of looking at it.

“It's really an eye sore and it's really ruining our beautiful lake and it's a lovely piece of property. They could make something really, really nice there,” said Scardaccione.

The complex was heavily damaged by the April 2011 flood that ravaged the whole city. The buildings have been empty ever since.

The Mayor says the City checks the property several times a week for trespassers and safety hazards.

Over the years, the battle has been contentious between the city and the property owner. But it seems the tide has turned.

“The three interior buildings were not damaged and they certainly could be renovated, I think, just because of the fact that they've been empty for this long, to be used again,” said Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon. “The owner of the property, Collin Niemi, was in my office last week. We did discuss some of the options that were available to them, that being one of them.”

Calnon says the city and the property owner, a Montreal man, Collin Niemi, will come to a definitive plan by the end of the year.

“One of the things he said is 'One of my options is to reopen those center 3 buildings but I'm not sure that's the best deal for himself as well as what the city will really like.' And I said 'Well, that's the kind of good conversation we need to have so it's at a very productive point,” said Calnon.

The complex has been known to have asbestos issues in the past, but according to Calnon, Neimi has been given permission to demo the property if necessary.

The Mayor takes that as good news since that would not have been granted if asbestos was still present.

That’s hopeful news for June Scardaccione. “It has to go someday. I don't know when but it's really very bad,” she said.

 We reached out to Collin Niemi for comment. So far our call and email has not been returned.

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