VPA Committee Upholds Denial of Mill River Protest

VPA Committee Upholds Denial of Mill River Protest

The Vermont Principal's Association committee upheld Mill River's the denial of MRU's initial protest.
Montpelier, VT -- The Vermont Principal's Association committee upheld Mill River's the denial of MRU's initial protest. The protest stemmed from what video shows was a botched call on third down in overtime of the division III Vermont football state championship game in Rutland. Had the call been made correctly, it would have been a Woodstock turnover resulting in a Mill River state championship. Instead Woodstock scored on the next play and won the D3 title with an extra point.

MRU filed the official protest on Sunday, the VPA denied it Monday and Mill River principal Andy Pomeroy, head coach Art Peterson and athletic director Rob Black decided exercise their right to appeal. After the VPA's 5-person appeal committee met via teleconference this afternoon they e-mailed this letter to principal Pomeroy: 

To Andy Pomeroy, The Protest Committee heard the Mill River Appeal and has voted unanimously to deny the appeal. However, we remain open to studying further the issue of whether technology can be used appropriately in some capacity. 

-Bill Lawson Protest Committee

"Our point was not to take anything away from Woodstock." Pomeroy told Fox 44 after the meeting. "Our point is that a mistake was made and we were hoping that some acknowledgement of that could occur. And that going forward. We think that the VPA really needs to consider on whether or not video can or should or what capacity it can be used and in what types of situations and it looks like that last part, it looks like maybe something's gonna happen there."

The VPA did not acknowledge or admit that the call in question was incorrect, something that Pomeroy and Peterson were hoping for earlier this week.

"They're just a bunch of people who have a love of sports (the officials) so they're really doing the best that they can." said Pomeroy. "Nobody meant for anything bad to happen. It would've been nice if the VPA had said something but I understand why they want to stand behind their officials."

"We have to rely on our officials in all of our sports to do the best job that they can do." Johnson said Thursday. "This can be rehashed a number of times about whether he was in bounds or out of bounds but the bottom line is that that was the call that was made and it was a judgment call."

Principal Pomeroy said, in the end, his team learned a lesson about sportsmanship.

"The learning point for our students is that it is good sportsmanship to ask for a review." he said. "That's what we were doing. Asking for a review. The group of people we empowered to make a decision have said that they are denying our appeal and so we've gone through the process. We've learned what we wanted to learn so that's a good thing."

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