Waterbury Complex Set to Rebuild After Irene

The project for a new office building is finally underway at the former state hospital.

WATERBURY Vt. - Two years ago A Vermont historical site, not to mention the highest concentration of state workers, was badly hit by Tropical Storm Irene.


The Waterbury office complex had to be condemned. Two years later work to bring it back is finally underway.


For two years Irene left a huge hole in the heart of Waterbury office complex. It will be another two years before this complex is finally completed but now it has started.


Seeing over every stage of the Waterbury office renovation special project administrator Mike Stevens is planning on a completely different complex by the end on 2015.


“This historic core will be 100 percent renovated both inside and out. We will have deconstructed approximately 22 buildings, we've relocated our central utility plant a new plant to a new plant on campus,” Stevens said.


But the biggest part that so many people have been waiting for is a brand new 86,000 square foot office building. It's a tall task but Stevens believes a 300 person crew, will make it happen.


“The new office building should definitely have no issues being done on time,” Stevens said.


In 2011 when the river flooded this entire area was underwater. The focus for the new buildings in 2015 will be to keep them safe from future floods.


“All of our new occupied space will be six inches above the five hundred year flood plain,” Stevens said.


Stevens says the new complex will be built to last for the people it matters most too.


“This project touches many concerned areas. Whether it be the town of Waterbury, the citizens of Waterbury, even touches everyone of us state of Vermont tax payer. So the number of vested parties in this project is higher than any other project I’ve ever worked on,” Stevens said.

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