Waterfront Development on Deck in Burlington

Waterfront Development on Deck in Burlington

Two UVM seniors have a plan to bring the Moran Plant back to life.

“’You're tackling Moran?’ That's usually the first question,” Tad Cooke said.

Answering questions isn't hard for Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg. The two UVM seniors have taken lots of tests but bringing the Moran Plant back to life might be their toughest one.

“A lot of coffee, a lot of late nights and a lot of help,” Crockenberg said.

The result is a sustainable multi-use facility blue print for events, food and drinks.

Visit their kickstarter page to learn more.

Their goal is to win tax increment financing from the city of Burlington to green light their project but they're not the only one in the hunt.

“We got nine big proposals. It was kind of like Christmas morning or a holiday,” Nathan Wildfire said.

Wildfire is with the Burlington Community Economic Development Office. He says all nine proposals don't just deal with Moran but different parts of the waterfront district.

“We have concepts for marinas, we have concepts for park upgrades, we have concepts for new street infrastructure,” Wildfire said.

A public investment team will choose which projects should go in front of Mayor Miro Weinberger. The mayor will then present his top picks to the council. The council will then decide whether to put it on the March ballot. The public will vote whether to fund the final project chosen by the city.

While Tad and Erick want their vision to win they believe all of the proposals would benefit Burlington’s future.

“There's potential for a lot of these things to happen they might not all come to fruition but at this point in the game we're on board with it all,” Cooke said.

The city plans on holding open houses for the public to view the proposals starting the week of November 4th. The proposals will also be online and available at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.

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