Weather Could Cause Delays For Holiday Travelers

Millions of Americans are expected to travel this week; but a potential storm could throw a wrench into plans.

BURLINGTON, Vt.- Millions of Americans are expected to travel this week; but a potential storm could throw a wrench into plans.

Chris and Michael Ford planned months ahead.
“We have traveled on the busy days before and it's been zoo-y,” said Michael Ford.
And they say those busy days were something they wanted to avoid.
“We planned ahead for a change- as we get older that happens more often,” joked Michael.
But even if you plan ahead you can't always stop what Mother Nature has in store.
 “I think we are going to beat the big storm too coming up the coast,” said Chris.  “That was good planning on our part. That was an accident,” added Michael. “Yea, we knew it back in August,” joked Chris.
Ryan Betcher with the Burlington International Airport says most passengers passing through the gates are doing so early in the week.
“We'll see an increase tomorrow, but I’d say by Wednesday and Thursday it slows down drastically,” said Betcher.
Just in time for the bad weather to kick-in.
Betcher says flights are often delayed in Burlington because of delays at larger hubs such as New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.
That could be the case this week with strong winds predicted throughout the north east.
For those hitting the road it might be a different story altogether.
A mixture of precipitation could make the roads slippery.
“We are ahead of the storm thankfully,” said Carol Gagnon, traveling early.
Passengers flying out early say they are hoping to beat the storm on both ends of their trip.
“I'm actually flying back on Monday so hopefully it will all be cleaned up by the time I come back so,” said Kate Zarriello.
The fords planned the same way booking their return flight a week after the Thanksgiving rush.
“We want to get a little warm weather activity in before we come back home and freeze to death,” joked Michael.

The best thing to do if you’re flying is check the airports website for the most up to date information or call the airline directly.
And if you plan to hit the road -plan ahead- because beginning Tuesday night and into Wednesday travel conditions will likely be less than ideal.

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