When Can You Plant The Garden?

Still chilly nights in the forecast with frost possible. Here are the average dates of last frosts
An easy visual of different climatologically similar regions
An easy visual of different climatologically similar regions
Getting the itch yet to plant that garden? I know I'd like to make my porch look a bit better with some flowers!

Don't jump too quickly to plant, since we will likely have some more chilly nights.

On average, this is the month when we can still get cold nights with frost, but as the  month progresses, certain areas get the 'green light' to plant and let the growing season begin.

We can break down the viewing area into a few "regions", where the climatological weather tends to progress the same. The Champlain Valley & St Lawrence Valley,  Upper Connecticut River Valley, Central VT, Northeast Vermont and mountains, in that order, typically show a gradual warm up both at night and during the days. Check out the image above for the average time frame of the last frost. *keep in mind, being an "average" date, means we can get frost after that date*

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