Will the F-35 Affect Home Values?

Will the F-35 Affect Home Values?

Now that we know the F-35 will come to Vermont, residents near the airport worry about the consequences.
South Burlington residents who live near Burlington Airport and the Vermont Air National Guard base are worried. Now that they know the F-35 will be based in Vermont in the future, they are worried about what effect this will have on their home values.

Carolyn Chambers lives near the airport, on Patrick Street, and is upset about the basing decision.

“I just fear that my house if going to be of very little value,” Chambers said. “I put a lot into it.”

Chambers neighbor, Patty Miller, has the same concern.

“I don’t have a problem with the F-35’s coming. It’s just what’s going to happen with my house when I get ready to leave here?”  

A greater Burlington Industrial Corporation study released in 2012 looked at home values near the airport. In the ten years prior, the study revealed that jet noise had not lead to a decline in property values.

But many aren’t convinced. When Miller bought her house here three decades ago, the risk to home values never crossed her mind. Another woman, who asked not to be named, said she plans to move away due to fears that no one will want her house with the F-35s moving next door.

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