Winter Keeps Slopes Open Late, Delays Golf Courses

Winter Keeps Slopes Open Late, Delays Golf Courses

This winter kept ski resorts open longer, but it means some golf courses can't open.
WAITSFIELD, Vt.- This winter's late snow kept ski resorts open longer, but it means some golf courses had to delay opening for business.

The Links at Lang Farm in Essex Junction cannot let golfers on its full course yet, because snow is still on it in some spots.  Despite having to be patient, some golfers were happy to simply get out and practice their swing. 

"We were so excited to learn we were finally going to be able to use the driving range today and get out of the snow and ice and into the almost green grass," says avid golfer, Lauren Wooden.

Snow was well received on the slopes at Mad River Glen.

"We're still going strong and going through the weekend and people are really psyched up," says Marketing Director and skiier, Eric Friedman.

Friedman says this ski season did not peak until March.  Friedman says normally, the mountain generates nearly $3 million in revenue and this season will be slightly less.

"We were nervous earlier in the year that people weren't going to buy passes," says Friedman.  "They started to question whether it'd be worth it to buy passes next year, but when you have a nice long season like this, people realize it is worth it."

Mad River Glen is set to close on Sunday, while Lang Farm's course does not open until April eighteenth.

Despite this golf season starting nearly two weeks later than last year, Director of Operations Brett Clace has high hopes.

"It was such a long winter," says Clace.  "I'm shocked with how sales have been going already and people are just really excited to be out here."

The nearly one hundred people on the driving range Friday set the bar high for a good spring and summer.

"I've seen so many people out in shorts that really shouldn't be in shorts yet," says Wooden.  "I think we are all more than ready to get outside and enjoy this spring."

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