Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Visits Burlington

Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Visits Burlington

Military veterans making their way onto a Lake Champlain cruise Friday.

Military veterans making their way onto a Lake Champlain cruise Friday.

Getting here wasn't easy, because they've seen terrible combat.

"Losing both my legs below the knees, fracturing my pelvis, breaking my femur," said Matias Ferreira.

"I lost both of my legs below the knee," said Josh Wege.

Situations that made them question their futures.

"I really didn't know what would happen after an injury like this," said Ferreira.

"I remember just lying in a hospital bed at 19 and I was like, I had my doubts," said Wege.

Instead of sitting around, the men joined up with the Wounded Warrior amputee softball team.

An organization that helps raise money for people like them.

They're also really good.

"I think I can count on 1 or 2 of my hands how many games we've lost," said Wege.

They'll look to continue that record this weekend when they take on a group of Vermont-based all-stars.

Although the weather turned out great for the cruise, there's still some concern for the rain for the game Saturday.

But the team general manager says no worries, they will get it in.

"If these guys can survive a couple bombs going off over in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Vermont weather is going to do nothing to them," said David Van Sleet.

The team plays all over the country, but Van Sleet is excited for this game because he's from Burlington.

"Oh my god, it's very special," said Van Sleet.

A trip his players seem to enjoy too.

"It's green here, so you're in touch with nature and it's just beautiful out here," said Wege.

For the American heroes, even as they hang up the cleats, their mission to serve others won't end.

"I lost a lot of my brothers in arms and dedicate my life to living it to the fullest for them and just inspire people to live their lives because the world doesn't stop spinning," said Ferreira.

Game time, 6, Saturday night at Centennial Field.

Tickets are five dollars,

Don't have one yet, no worries, you can get one at the front gate Saturday.

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