Youth Violence Prevention Plans Announced

Governor Maggie Hassan announced youth violence prevention plans on Tuesday.
CONCORD, N.H.  - Governor Maggie Hassan announced youth violence prevention plans on Tuesday. 

A press release says the statewide trainings in the Media Power Youth program, a public-private initiative aimed at reducing and preventing youth violence.

“Maintaining New Hampshire’s distinction as one of the safest states in the nation is our most important responsibility,” Governor Hassan said. “This evidenced-based approach will help parents, educators and young people understand media's role in influencing behavior, and it has already received a tremendous response in communities throughout the state, as more than 55 New Hampshire schools and districts representing approximately 150 communities are getting involved.”

A press release says the group will provide free curricula and training for New Hampshire teachers and school professionals to implement in their schools.

Governor Hassan has  included $100,000 in violence prevention grant funding in the FY 2014/2015 state budget, and the $50,000 grant for the first year was approved last year by the Executive Council.

For information on bringing the violence prevention program to a school district or community, please contact Media Power Youth at 603-222-1200 or sarah.shanahan@mediapoweryouth.org.
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