Flood Watch Posted For January 11-12

Information regarding heavy rain and a flooding potential for early-mid January
Through January 12, 2014 (Fox44/Abc22)
Through January 12, 2014 (Fox44/Abc22)
Forecast high temperatures, winds, & conditions (Fox44/Abc22)
Forecast high temperatures, winds, & conditions (Fox44/Abc22)
From the SkyTracker Weather Center:

Heavy rain Saturday will likely lead to some rivers flooding due to ice jams, but also some low-lying areas flooding either due to ponding or poor drainage from blocking ice.

Leading up to the event, warmer air will continue to flow into the region from the south. Temperatures have remained below freezing for a few consecutive days, while the winter has proven to be a very cold one so far too.  Thus with a solid frost set in and plenty of ice on area surfaces, incoming rain will either stick to the untreated surfaces or just run right off and into area waterways. The highest risk of icing will occur Saturday morning while temperatures hover near the freezing mark. As the afternoon comes around, temperatures will jump into the 40s and 50s with gusty south winds.

The heaviest rain will fall Saturday afternoon and evening between 4 p.m. and midnight Sunday. The rest of Sunday will be quieter, though all that water will continue to drain into area rivers. The smaller rivers will be at the most risk of ice jam flooding first, then the larger rivers later. If you have had ice jam flooding near you in the past, then be alert for it this weekend!

Rainfall will come down quickly, adding up to between 0.25-.50" for the Champlain and St. Lawrence Valley, and 0.50"-1.50" from the Adirondacks to northern Greens and southward (with rising amounts) toward the Massachusetts border. Since the heaviest rainfall will occur over the southern areas, the highest risk of flooding will be there. However we cannot exclude northern areas completely from experiencing flooding.

This means rain for the mountains as well. An inversion could even set up this weekend, meaning the mountain peaks become warmer than the bases. Mountain forecast temperatures between 2,000'-5,000' are 40-50 degrees Saturday, but dropping into the 20s and 30s Sunday with windy conditions.

Be alert for any 'flood warnings' you may hear, because that means flooding is occurring now or imminent. Some benefits of the incoming weather is that it will give us a chance to break up some leftover, solid ice accumulation on area sidewalks and parking lots.
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