Kids Name Talking Cow at Rutland Innovation Center

Kids Name Talking Cow at Rutland Innovation Center

Rutland city knows the value in renewable energy sources.
RUTLAND, Vt. - Rutland city knows the value in renewable energy sources.

On Thursday, students were given the chance to see that value in the new Energy Innovation Center, a mini-museum of sorts where people can come learn about alternative energy,

The center's main attraction is a talking cow, who was the star of the show. The talking cow finally had a name, Electra.

"I'm pooping seven days a week, night and day come rain or shine," Electra said. She gets pretty personal, explaining how cow manure is turned into usable energy.

More than 170 Vermont students submitted possible names for the cow. Jared McGee, of West Rutland and Dillon Brigham from Danville came up with the winning name out of the many suggestions.

"From kind of typical cow names, Bessie, Flossie, and Sunshine to some really interesting ones related to Edison and things like that," Steve Costello, Green Mountain Power, said.

Both boys were shocked to learn they won. As a reward, they enjoyed a tour of the new innovation center, and perhaps more importantly for the winners, an ice cream party!

It's not just cow power getting attention, solar continues to grow too. Two major solar projects, in fact, just came online this month.

"Just in the past week we've had two good sized projects, one at the Rutland Regional Medical Center and one at the College of Saint Joe's," Costello said. "The medical center project is a really nice land ground based project built around their water retention ponds."

The Saint Joe's solar panels sit on the roof of the gym, with real-time monitoring available from the downtown innovation center.

"We're well on our way to having Rutland be the solar capital of New England and we're excited to have both of those online," Costello said.

For more information on the Rutland Downtown Innovation Center visit Green Mountain Power's website.

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