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15 Vermont towns and organizations received a federal grant to help renovate recreational trails.

A piece of the Catamount Trail in Lincoln, Vermont is missing. The culvert skiers once used to cross a stream was washed out during tropical storm Irene.

“We finally, with this grant, will be able to put a bridge in there,” Catamount Trails Association Executive Director Amy Kelsey said.

The Catamount Trails Association is receiving $11,150 to place a bridge over the stream and reconnect the trail where it was broken.

“We're lucky to have these state grants available. It's a great source of funding for trail projects it's pretty amazing that we have that in Vermont,” Kelsey said.

Fourteen other towns and organizations are also receiving money. It’s part of a $504,279 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to help trail repair and expansion.

“They're all really good projects by the way and we'd love to invest in all of them,” Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder said.

Snyder says a citizen committee helps choose where the funding goes but half of it is pledged to the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) to help with grooming and sign replacement on snowmobile trails.

Snyder says regular funding does come from the highway administration for these types of projects but he says there is always room for improvement.

“We'd love to have more but we're grateful for what we get,” Snyder said.

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