More Quiet Weather Ahead, Plus Frost!

Another stretch of dry, quiet weather is upon us.
From Meteorologist Steve Glazier,

When you log onto our website to check the weather, you're going to find this: Dry weather. A very quiet weather pattern will continue through the Columbus Day weekend.


A return to Autumn-like weather will greet us out the door Tuesday into Wednesday as temperatures peak between 55-65 degrees Tuesday, dip to 28-40 Wednesday morning, then rise to the 60s widespread Wednesday afternoon. Average temperatures for this time of the year are between 55-62 for highs and 35-40 for lows. Across our region though, temperatures will fall into the 40s for many nights through October 15 and rise into the 60s for many days during that time. Temps will be about five to ten degrees warmer than average.


High pressure will build northeast from the Ohio River Valley Tuesday, October 8 and continue to, more or less, stay put across the Northeast through the following week. High pressure tends to keep lower pressure and storms at bay. This will be the case.


Yes we will stay dry through October 15, perhaps a few light rain showers in southern Vermont on Friday the 11th. Other than that several dry days won't necessarily put us in trouble. That's because we had 2-day rainfall totals from Sunday-Monday Oct. 6-7 of .25"-1.50"! That will help us from drying out too much. Enjoy!
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