Planning on the Snow

Shoppers and snowmobilers are looking forward to the snow storm in different ways.

No matter people's plans to weather out the upcoming storm, the University Mall property manager Jason Steward says they won't be fazed by the coming storm.

“We'll be open ready for the holiday shoppers to come in and do they're holiday shopping,” Steward said.

“Saturday is especially the two Saturday’s before Christmas it would take an awful lot for us to close down.”

Steward says in the last ten years the mall has completely closed only once for the Valentine's Day storm.

He says it would take another one hundred year storm to shut the store to their customers this weekend.

“A good Saturday between 12 and 14 thousand people (come to the mall),” Steward said.

Steward says the mall has a contract with a snow plow company to make sure all those shoppers have a place to park.

“A snow removal company is on call,” steward said.

“Salt if they need to salt. Snow plow if they need to snow plow and make sure we get as many spaces open as possible.”

Others are looking to find their spot on the vast trails with the season set to open Monday. Chittenden County Snow Travelers Association president Michael Burritt is hoping to see the type of snow his 1980 John Deere Trail Fire is used to.

“If we do get a good snow storm then the groomers will be able to go out and then groom it. Pack it down a little bit,” Burritt said.

Snowmobilers say a solid ten inches of snow is all they need for a good season. Burritt says last year he had no trouble finding good trails to ride across Vermont except near his home in St. George.

“It was just here in the valley where we get the lake effect it kept the snow away from us so we suffered a little bit here,” Burritt said.

Neither shoppers nor snowmobilers are looking to suffer during this snow storm.

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