Propane Industry Hoping For Extension To VT Service Waiver

Because of high demand, lobbyists want their "Hours-of-Service" waiver extended.

A wet summer in the Midwest and unseasonably cold temperatures in New England have created the perfect storm for those who deliver propane .

Because of high demand, propane lobbyists want the "Hours-of-Service" waiver extended for propane truck drivers. It went into effect December 20th in Vermont.

Basically, drivers are skipping breaks and working longer hours, doing whatever they can to make a delivery.

Matt Cota, Executive Director of Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, explained, “The trucks have to drive a little bit longer, a little bit farther in order to get the propane in the market. But it is happening. And consumers can rest easy that they'll have a full tank. But our guys are working extra hard to make that happen."

The waiver expires on Friday and it's up to the state's DMV Commissioner to extend it.

Vermont is one of 15 states with a waiver in place, including New York and New Hampshire.

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