Report: VT Staple, Snowboarding, Less Popular

A report released this year shows snowboarding becoming less popular as compared to skiing.
BOLTON, Vt. - The slopes at Bolton Valley were packed Friday.

“This week between Christmas and New Years is one of our busiest times of the year," says Josh Arneson from Bolton Valley Resort.

According to a report from the National Ski Areas Association, fewer people are choosing to snowboard. Nationally, the number of snowboarders has slipped 3 percent in the past three seasons. The drop off isn't as steep in the northeast.

"Going back four years we started to see a small decline, like one percentage point a year," says Arneson.

At the same time, the number of people skiing has increased nationally. Riders on the slopes notice the changes.

"A lot of our friends that snowboarded when we were younger switched back to skiing," said one woman on the slopes.

"In my friend group, I’m one of the only snowboarders of my friends," said another boy.

It's hard to know why more people are choosing to ski as opposed to snowboard, but some say it’s because of an improvement in ski technology.

"I think if you look over the past 15-20 year range on skis you see dramatic increase in the technology there,” Arneson says.

There’s no shortage of other theories on why skiing is making a comeback.

"I think maybe it’s the baby boomers bringing their kids out on skis first, a lot of our friend are doing that," one man on a snowboard said.

"I like that they both come off when I fall, and I fall a lot, and I like going in the woods," one woman joked.

The bottom line for local resorts: no matter the preference of visitors, they're ready.

"Whether they're on skis or snowboards they're still going to be out here on snow, and we're happy to have them, and have a good week,” Arneson said.
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