Skateland is set to Re-open in June!

Skateland is set to Re-open in June!

Today we're bringing back some childhood memories! Skateland is set to re-open this summer.
Today we're bringing back some childhood memories!

Skateland is set to re-open this summer.

At the construction site in Essex, just off Susie Wilson Road, you can see, it's really coming together.

You can see the frame that will house the rock climbing wall, and another structure will go up that will be the skating rink that so many have fond memories of.

"It’s good old fashioned roller skating," Kristina Perren Hermanson said, whose family ran Skateland back in the day, and will again when it opens.

The memories are vivid. Disco ball and all!

For decades, the go-to spot was Skateland in Williston.

"Yes! It is a lot of memories! A lot of time spent there, a lot of roller skating, a lot of exercising, a blast with my friends," Perren Hermanson said.

There's a vision. Through the snow and mud, a blast from the past is taking shape.The Perren family is re-opening Skateland, in Essex, behind the Lowe’s.

"Ever since it closed, there's been a void. We've really been wanting to bring it back and so we're really, really excited to see it come to life again," Perren Hermanson said.

Skateland closed in 2000, but when it re-opens in June, it will be a place for more than just skating.

A rock climbing gym, indoor go carts and of course roller skating!

"Oh yea, four wheels! We will have rollerblades too, whichever you're more comfortable with," Perren Hermanson said.

And fear not, there will still be theme nights!

"80's night has been a big request, so there will be 80's night, 70's, 60's, country, we've got a lot of different things lined up," she added.

Kristina Perren Hermanson says there's really nothing else in the area that compares to this. Families can bond and teens can have a safe place to hang.

"It’s really turning in to just a big family fun center."

We wanted to share some reaction from Facebook because this news has a lot of people excited. Michele wrote, "Can't wait until it's finished, I loved Skateland when I was younger."

Ashleigh said, "I’m so excited to introduce it to my boys."

And lastly, Stephanie wrote "I have my skates all dusted off, polished up and ready to roll!"

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